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How To Get A Reference

I'm happy to give you a reference! I give one reference for each time you've seen me within 12 months of the last time we met. And no, you don't need to ask me permission (that's absolutely SILLY). Actually, you're the one who needs to give me permission. When you're ready to book a session with another Mistress or a Provider, be sure to contact me first with the name and email you used when you booked your session with me. Send me the name and link to her website or ad of the Lady you'll be contacting. When she contacts me for a reference, I will only give information to her and her alone. If anyone ever contacts me asking about you, if you didn't give me permission, I never reply. 

With that said, before you use my name as a reference, ask yourself:

* Was I easy to book with? 

* Did I arrive on time (or call to say I was running late?)

* Did I prepare myself properly for my session?

* Did I behave like a gentleman?

* Would Ms. Lydia be happy to see me again?

If you've answered no to any of these, expect that's the very information I'm going to share if you're asking me to share info about you with another Lady. 

If you've answered yes to all of the above, the only information I provide is that you were a good boy (or girl) and I'd see you again. No other details.


* Contact me at least 24 hours in advance for a reference. If you're going to session same day and your new Mistress requires references, the chances of me getting back to her on time are slim to none and you will have already used up your reference from me.

* When contacting a Lady, make a good impression by stating that you've already contacted me and have given permission for me to give her a reference for you. Then link her to my Mistress Reference page so she can contact me through my request form. Many Mistresses or Providers require references through verifiable websites only.

* If I have vouched for you, I expect that you're going to be nothing short of a perfect gentleman when meeting another Lady. Don't go embarrassing me now! ;-)

* No one is entitled to a reference so if I do give you one, don't forget to say, "Thank you!"

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