Q: Are you still taking in-person sessions at this time?



Update: Yes, I am! I am fully vaccinated as of April. If new strains cause our numbers to rise again, I'll be going back to the protocols below:


A: Yes! In person sessions are still being conducted with some new protocols in place. Some protocols have been in place since my start as a professional Mistress in 2008. 

+ If you have any symptoms of illness, do the right thing: do not book a session until you have seen a healthcare provider. C'mon, don't be that guy. 

+ Each guest in my dungeon will have their temperature checked upon arrival with a no-touch thermometer. If a sub is showing any sign of illness or even allergies (higher temperature, coughing, sneezing), they will be sent home immediately without a refund and banned from ever returning.  

+ All guests will be given hand sanitizer upon arrival. 

+ The dungeon has a medical grade air purifier with H13 HEPA filter that filters out 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. 

+ I will be wearing a disposable N-95 mask during the session. You must be wearing a mask as well and keep it there until I decide otherwise (for gags, hoods, etc.) 

+ My normal dungeon cleaning protocol is being followed. Furniture and toys are sanitized with medical grade disinfectant (Cavacide). All light switches and door knobs are sanitized after each guest leaves. My bondage furniture is not upholstered in leather for this very reason (nor do I use leather toys or gear of any kind). Leather is a porous skin —a breeding ground for bacteria— which cannot withstand heavy disinfectants. A heavy-duty marine vinyl or similar fabric is non-porous and can be safely washed and disinfected. The dungeon floors are also disinfected. For this reason, I have never done "back-to-back" sessions as I require ample time for a thorough cleaning. 

+ Bondage gear that goes on the face is sanitized and chambered for a minimum of 4 days (96 hours) before it is used on another submissive. I'm aware COVID-19 can live on surfaces for only up to 3 days, but an extra day of precaution never hurts! 


+ In my former career, I was required to be certified in sanitation so it's become second nature to not touch my face or eat unless my hands have been washed for 30-seconds or hand sanitizer has been used. I also naturally change my disposable gloves often to avoid cross-contamination. Recently a sub was surprised at how many used gloves had accumulated at the end of his session because he never noticed I was changing my gloves so frequently. Often, I'm surprised as well, "Wow, did I use that many gloves? I don't even remember!" That's how second nature it's become! 😁 

+ Tip for new subs and slaves: if you don't see a Mistress change her gloves as  much as a nurse, doctor or tattoo artist... RUN.