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 How To Prepare For Your Feminization Makeover

If it's your first time treating yourself to a day of feminizing beautification, you should know that makeup only looks as good as the canvas it's on. While makeup can do wonders, unfortunately it can't erase stubble or rough skin. I will certainly work with however you arrive, but for those looking to make the most of their makeover, here are some tips to make you your prettiest!


If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the frames. Make sure they look their best. Unless your brows are barely there, it's a good idea to get your eyebrows done. Nothing screams "MAN!" like a pair of bushy unruly eyebrows and nothing screams "CAVEMAN!" like stray hairs or a unibrow. You will be in and out of the salon in about 5 minutes but this subtle tweak will make all the difference to make you look better as both a boy and a girl.

I suggest threading over waxing. Threading is done with a long piece

of cotton thread woven through the fingers to form "scissors" which pluck

Mens Brows.jpg

multiple strands of hair at a time. Waxing is hot wax slathered on the skin, left to cool, then the hairs are ripped off. Not only have I seen waxing feminize eyebrows too much, but threading causes less discomfort and causes less skin irritation. Threading feels "uncomfortable" but I definitely wouldn't call it painful. On the other hand, waxing is a whole other story, especially for first timers. Another bonus is that you'll probably feel more comfortable in a threading salon over a waxing salon. Threading has become very popular in the US with people of all ethnicities but years ago when I started getting my brows threaded, any threading salon I had been to was run by people from India. It's culturally very common for Indian men to get their eyebrows done so you won't be gawked at by women wondering what you're doing in a "women's" salon since threading salons are considered unisex. Even non-Indian threading salons will have a lot more male patrons than salons that offer eyebrow waxing. This also means threading salon employees have a lot of experience with men's brows. For those of you who still need to look masculine on the day to day, this is the level of experience you seek. Explain to your stylist that it's your first time and you're just looking to "clean it up". She will follow the natural shape of your brows and remove the stray hairs. You will be asked to pull the skin around your brows taught so she can take care of the hairs on the lower part of your brows. She will also trim hairs that are too long and unruly. Once you see how great the end results are, you'll probably want to add it to your regular manscaping routine. Here's a YouTube video snippet of what to expect.

In DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, there are threading salons everywhere and many are right in your local mall. A Google search for "eyebrow threading near me" should do the trick. Be sure to check Yelp reviews and even call ahead and ask who's the most experienced employee with men's brows. Mall salons are around $8 - $10 and don't require appointments but be warned if you go on a weekend during the day, there will probably be a wait. In my experience, this is not a time where you want to go to a high-end spa. Many of them have jumped on the threading bandwagon, but you want a salon that specializes in threading and does dozens of brows per day, not just a few here and there. 

Men's Brow Threading2.jfif

Brow shaping makes such a difference. See how his brows look cleaned up but are still masculine.

Love The Skin You're In.

The more you show some love for your skin prior to your makeover, the better. If you've decided to book your makeover with only a couple of days beforehand, do what you can, but the more you start in advance, the smoother your skin will be and your makeup will look more polished. If you don't have privacy at home to do a skincare routine, feel free to skip it altogether. Remember that this guide is to give tips on making the absolute most of your makeover experience; not being able to prep your skin isn't a deal breaker. 

At the end of each day, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face. There are many formulas for dry, oily, combination, or normal skin. Pat dry with a clean towel and immediately follow up with a light moisturizer designed for the face (body lotions are too heavy and will make your face greasy). In the morning, unless your skin is oily, just wash your face with water followed by moisturizer, and if you're leaving the house, apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher even for medium and darker skin tones* 15 minutes before you leave the house. (Hey you Brown and Black girls, I'm looking at you! Just because you don't burn as easily doesn't mean you can skip protecting your pretty faces from sun exposure!)

Once a week leading up to your makeover, use a gentle exfoliant on your face. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells. This will make your skin glow and it makes both your skin and your and makeup look smoother. 

If you're interested in starting a skin care routine but cohabitate with people who will make it uncomfortable for you, keep your eyes peeled for the article I'll be writing on how to start a skincare routine without having your family or roommates suddenly wonder what's going on with all the new lotions and potions you have in the bathroom. It's a shame not every crossdresser lives in a world where they can have the freedom to treat their faces to daily TLC without fear of judgement. Also stay tuned for my article on skin product suggestions.


I've been asked many times, "Can I still get a makeover with a beard?" Of course you can 100% enjoy makeup with a beard. In fact, I think this bearded guy looks pretty fierce with makeup- but if you're aiming for looking and feeling like a girl, you'll want to be to freshly shaven with no stubble. You also may want to consider shaving other body parts as well. Stockings or pantyhose look and feel better over bare legs. Sissy Tess took her big day seriously and shaved her arms, chest, and everything else and she loved it! Of course, this isn't always possible for everyone so shave according to your comfort level. 


Some of my dolls treat themselves to waxing appointments; sometimes solo, sometimes as part of a session with me going as moral support or as a role-play that I'm a girlfriend dragging you in to get waxed! If getting waxed has always been a desire of yours but you've been too scared to go to make or go through with the appointment, just remember: waxing salons want your business! I've had positive experiences with The European Wax Center. They're a nationwide chain and there's many locations. They wax legs, armpits, chests, backs, pubic areas, butt cheeks, and yes, even just the "thong" area for any gender of human. I will be writing a separate article on waxing since I've had so many subs curious about the process. Personally, I grew tired of waxing and opted for laser hair removal. If you end up loving feeling smooth, it's something you may want to consider. Feel free to ask me about it at your appointment or via and I'd be more than happy to share my experience with you and give recommendations. 

If you prefer, I am all too happy to shave your body hair off for you. Many find experience of a dominant woman shaving them highly erotic. From the chest down, it takes anywhere from 45 - 60 minutes. I am not skilled in shaving faces so I do recommend doing that at home prior to your appointment.


Regardless of gender, nails should be tended to to look and feel your best. A manicure involves trimming your nails, filing them smooth, trimming your cuticles and cutting off any hangnails with a cuticle nipper, and finishing off with clear or colored nail polish. A pedicure is the same with the addition of exfoliating dead skin off the bottoms of your feet with a callus smoother. (This one by Tweezerman is my favorite.) Trimmed toenails that are filed smooth and exfoliated soles will prevent snags in stockings or pantyhose. Plus, don't you want to look your best for me from head to toe? 😉


If you've never had your nails professionally done, consider treating yourself. All nail salons offer this service to men. Even you aren't able to get away with colored polish, a men's manicure/pedicure (which is a "mani-pedi" with clear polish instead of colored) will have you feeling pretty and pampered. You can also request to skip the clear nail polish. 


I think we can all agree that regardless of gender identity having hands and feet resemble the "before" pics is never a good look!

Note: while I can certainly paint your nails (and help you remove the polish before you leave) or apply press-on nails, I do not give manicures or pedicures.  Having your nails taken care of beforehand leaves a clean canvas for me to work on.

Keep in mind that you don't even have to do a single one of these tips. Contrary to popular belief, makeup is for everyone to enjoy regardless of what's between your legs, how much body or facial hair you have, or what your sexual orientation is. Come exactly as you are, adjust your expectations accordingly, and we'll have fun just the same! :-)

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