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My Whereabouts:
Currently taking sessions in DC
Travel plans for Richmond, Chicago, and Philly in the works!
Additional travel plans will be posted as soon as I know when I'll be in your city again!
Don't want to wait? I can travel to you!
Just a 3 hour minimum + travel time from Philly down to Richmond,  & the Maryland shore,
4 hour minimum + travel time to NJ, NYC, Virginia Beach, & Raleigh.
Points beyond require a 6 hour+ minimum + travel time + air fare.

Travel Plans

Due to COVID-19, my Detroit - Chicago - Cleveland - Pittsburgh will be rescheduled. Stay tuned for my new travel dates! 
Sign up for my Travel Notification List to be among the first informed of my new dates and be given first choice of available appointments!
In May 2019, I relocated back to Washington, DC area (this time in Friendship Heights in NW DC right on the MD border and a couple of miles from 495) after being away for many years and have a 2300 sf dungeon with private parking. There is a fully furnished main dungeon room, The Boiler Room (sound proof), slave sleeping quarters with more to follow. As each room is completed, photos will be posted here
When in DC, I generally session between 10 AM and 10 PM. Otherwise, prior to 10 AM incurs an additional tribute of  $100 for each hour prior to 10 AM. Exceptions can be made for 2+ hour sessions booked 5 days in advance. Most of my sessions happen later in the day and some go quite late at night, (then naturally I require time to clean the dungeon, grab a meal, wind down, drive home and go to bed). So for me to be at the dungeon before 10 AM takes planning and factoring in morning traffic.
Want to see me same day? I turn on my phone to check texts and open my laptop to start checking emails at 10 AM. Depending on my availability that day, I can sometimes accommodate same day requests with a minimum 4+ hour notice. So that means for same-day requests, the earliest you can see me is 2 PM or later (depending on exactly what time I checked my email). Same day requests incur an additional tribute. I do not like uncertainty or feeling rushed as it does not put me in the mood to dominate you. If you are emailing from work and cannot respond and deposit quickly, same day requests are not for you. If you have seen me before, the chance of a same-day request is more likely to be honored.
I suggest a 24 hour+ minimum request.
Overnight sessions must be booked 72 hours+ in advance and is based upon my availability.


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