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Un/availability for 2024


I post my availability as accurately as possible on the front page for the current month with my unavailable dates below. Unlisted dates mean they are currently available for sessions at my studio in DC or for FMTY's. As for travel dates, I announce them as soon as the dates are known to me. I update as the dates become booked and as cancellations/re-schedulings occur.


With that said, in your supplication, it's still wise to include 1 - 2 backup dates and times (if possible) as I often have tentative sessions or personal engagements to factor in as well. I probably also have another booked session for your preferred date that has some flexibility so that's why you won't always see specific times blocked out. So if everyone gives me their full availability to start with, I can successfully fit everyone on my calendar while keeping enough time between sessions to disinfect the dungeon and stay fully charged mentally and physically.


Giving me your full availability also eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth emails. So, the wider range of times & dates you give me in your supplication form, the easier you make it for me to see you (and you want me to see you as "easy", don't you? *wink*).


Of course, if you have only one date with a narrow window of availability, I will certainly do my best to accommodate it. :-)

If you are planning over a month in advance, below are the dates that I am NOT available in DC, FMTY's or anywhere else. This will be updated regularly as sessions are booked, travel is planned, and my personal calendar is filled.

Dates of Unavailability + Travel Dates:

July 1, 6 - 7, 17 & 31

August 15 & 29

September 14, 28

Travel: Philly - Sept 7  (10 AM - 6 PM)

October 13, 28

November 12, 26 & 28 

Travel: Chicago, Nov 14 - 17

December 11, 25 & 26

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