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Frequently Asked Questions

My most frequently asked question is right at the top...

I'm new and really scared. How do I get over this fear to book a session?

I wrote a blog post addressing common fears.


Where are you located?

All the information you need about the dungeon, parking, and general location is under DUNGEON. The exact address is given the day of your session.

Are you discreet?

I wouldn't be in business since 2008 if I wasn't, silly! My business is built on discretion which goes both ways. The personal information you submit to me is kept private and used to verify who you are for my own safety. 

Can I remain completely anonymous and still see you?

If you don't feel comfortable with me seeing your ID and vaccination card, then alas, I don't feel comfortable seeing you.


If you feel that you can't trust a Mistress with your personal information, then you shouldn't trust her with your mind, body, and submission either. Keep looking until you find a Mistress who you can trust. In my experience, subs who are paranoid that Mistresses create websites, detailed social media, and film femdom videos to lure unsuspecting men into giving up their personal information just to expose or arrest them is not the type of sub for me. 

What type of people see you for sessions?

A wide variety of people (men, women, trans folk, non-binary) from all ethnic, religious, and professional backgrounds see me: college students, CEO's, military, construction workers, doctors, government employees, artists, engineers, bankers, musicians, lawyers, large and small business owners, chefs, adult performers, and more! Anyone of any gender seeking to explore their submission find a place at my feet, as well as women exploring their dominance and seeking to learn more to better dominate their partners.

Do you mentor pro dommes?

Update 11/28/2023: I'm now reconsidering this with the influx of inquiries I've received. Stay tuned!

Unfortunately, I'm not able to find time in my schedule to take on an apprentice. If you are looking to enter the professional domination industry, I would recommend attending DomCon and taking as many classes as possible. I've never attended but I have heard through numerous attendees that the classes are extremely helpful for women who are new to the professional side of domination. And I'd recommend this only after you've spent a couple of years of taking BDSM skills classes in your local BDSM community followed by lots and lots of practice with a variety of subs. You'd never hire a lawyer to represent you in court or a surgeon to perform your surgery if they didn't have the right education and training. Professional domination is no different! Invest in your education and practice, practice, practice until the flogger and the rope are extensions of your desires.   

Will you rent your dungeon to me?

My dungeon is reserved for my sessions and filming projects and is unavailable for rentals. 


Can I be your cleaning boy/sissy maid?

Yes! I have DOMESTIC SERVITUDE sessions so that you can be trained according to my preferences and live out your fantasy!

Can I be your video slave?

If you are an established video slave coming to the DMV or going anywhere that I travel and feel that we would be a match to work together, tweet at me on Twitter so I can see your work and other dommes you've worked with. 

However, if you are new...

I already have lots of opportunities to film subs who session with me and when I start filming regularly that is the pool I will pick from.


Many subs have a fantasy of video exhibitionism and if I considered everyone who asked, I'd end up with a lot of wasted days with scaredy cat no-shows or content that isn't useable. Many can't show their face or take what they claim they can take (beatings, big toys) that would make for a good video, or many are afraid of the ID and model release requirement for starring in adult videos. So as you can see, it's just easier for me to film someone I've already met through my sessions.

I'm a huge fan! Can I take you out to dinner?

Absolutely! I offer social outings to those who just want to get to know me better. You can read more about my Meet & Greets here

I also attend the DC Sub Club's monthly gathering, Dinner With Dommes. It's a monthly meet up for both professional and lifestyle dommes and their fans and admirers. Dinner With Dommes is every second Tuesday evening of every month. Normally we meet in DC but now we're trying a new restaurant in Tyson's Corner, Virginia. Add my free fan account on FetLife to see my monthly RSVP status and follow the DC Sub Club to be notified of when the next event page is posted with restaurant location. 

Are there sessions you won't do or types of people you won't see?

I don't enjoy age play sessions if your character is younger than a teenager nor do I enjoy brattiness regardless of age. Like most women, when I was younger, I wasn't happy with my allowance and babysat for spending money. I absolutely hated it and didn't last long. If you like "being a challenge" (i.e., a brat), it will remind me of the children I babysat. And I think you'd rather I view you as a mature submissive adult capable of behaving in an obedient way which I find sexy.

I also no longer do role plays where bad behavior is rewarded with dominant attention. This is most popular in "male office employee sexually harasses female coworkers and get erotic funishments" or "cheating husband gets spankings" types of role plays. As a Female Supremacist I eventually realized that poor behavior from men should never be rewarded with attention of any kind from women, even in "just a role play". Men need to be broken of this ridiculous fantasy. It's also utterly unimaginative and boring. Isn't it more exciting to play the role of a star employee who's lured into Ms. Lydia's office because I've got it in my head that your hard work means that you're overall eager to please? ;-)

Last but certainly not least, I do not see anyone who is on the naughty list (a registered sex offender). That is for my safety and the safety of the subs who visit my queendom. 

Have you read my protocols + FAQ and still have questions? & ask away!


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