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verb: supplicate

  1. ask or beg for something earnestly or humbly.

Have you had a session with me before?

Follow this protocol: 

(The option to send multiple forms had to be disabled.) 

Appointments are based on a date and time. If you aren't sure of your availability, it will save you time if you wait to fill out this form (if exact date(s) or time(s) are missing, requests are considered incomplete and are deleted.) Want to know more about why & why completing the form properly is important?

Read about it: HERE!


Are you excited to introduce yourself, but don't know your schedule yet?!

Do you feel uncomfortable being screened for my safety?

If NO, then continue with filling out my supplication form!

If YES, then alas we will not be a good match!

Omitting information from my form will result in your supplication being deleted. If you cannot trust a Mistress with your information, then you should not trust a Mistress with your mind, body, or submission.  

Is the form not working on your phone? Click here for the direct link: 
Supplicate Form Link

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