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As a true connoisseur, I enjoy the many flavors of submission.

Which flavor are you?


(Light to EXTREME!)





(Rope, restraints, arm binders, mummification, vac bed, sleep sack)


(Gask masks, rebreather, clothed smothering)



(Kicking, punching, scatching, stretching, sounds, electro)





+ CONSENSUAL NON-CONSENT (Ravishment play)




(PES, Zeus, violet wand)




(Light to extreme!!)










(Latex, neoprene, spandex)


(Whips, floggers, paddles, canes, crops)



Role plays, needles, electro, sounds





(Boss/employee, teacher/student, police officer, military interrogation, cheating wife, turn the tables scenarios & more!)


(Giving Mistress back & foot rubs, cleaning, chores)









& more!

I offer 5 different types of sessions:

1). Power Exchange

2). Beginner's Sampler Platter

3). Fetish Play

4). Customized Adventure

5). Domestic Servitude

Learn which option is best suited for you!

Power Exchange

This is my most requested and versatile experience and what I specialize in. Power Exchange is suitable for submissives and slaves of all levels. Perfect for the subject who enjoys not knowing what will happen next, craves loss of control and just wants to please Mistress's desires and not his or her own. Instead of ignorantly guessing or inventing what you think makes me happy, your own fetishes and kinks are used to tease you as you are seduced into submitting to my own desires. 


Some people are confused by the term "Power Exchange" thinking it means anything extreme torture or that their lmits won't be respected. Think ofPower Exchange as, "You can have dessert if you're a good boy." Then in order to get that treat that's being dangled in before your eyes, you do things you may not have thought you'd do before.  

With Power Exchange, together we negotiate the parameters within your comfort level, but the thought of being nudged to the edge of that comfort zone excites you. You have the freedom to lay out your BDSM & fetish interests and make me aware of your hard limits (physical or psychological limitations, medical conditions or phobias). Then the fun begins as you are seduced, coerced or forced into submitting to my desires. And if you're a good boy (or girl!), given a reward!

All supplicants whether you are new or just new to me are required to submit to a minimum 2-hour session to be properly trained. After your initial session, if your interests can be comfortably covered in 1-1/2 hours without being rushed, you may request it. 


Sessions start at:

1-1/2 hours: 700. (returning subs only)

2 hours: 800.

3 hours: 1200.

4 hours: 1600.

5 hours: 2000.

6 hours: 2400.

Full day (10 AM - 10 PM) start at 3000.

Overnights (7 PM - 7 AM with options to extend) start at 2500.

If you prefer to script the dialog I say, the tone I use, direct how the session goes moment to moment, need activities to flow in your preferred order, request very specific attire for me to wear*, etc., you will find yourself frustrated in a Power Exchange session. Instead, you can request a Customized Adventure session (scroll towards the bottom to read more) to have your desires catered to instead of you being trained to cater to mine.

*In Power Exchange sessions I accept loose wardrobe requests. For example: requesting "catsuit" or "black lingerie" leaving the rest up to me is acceptable. If you have a very specific request down to which color shoes, stockings, corset, hairstyle, shade of lipstick or nails, particularly if it strays from my usual look, you can have those requests honored in a Customized Adventure session.

Beginner's BDSM "Sampler Platter"

Completely new or with very little BDSM experience, you're feeling lost and may not know where to start or what types of sensations feel right with you. You may fantasize about being tied up and tortured, but feel nervous you may be biting off more than you can chew! You understand that arousal from watching videos or fantasizing about a harsh whipping or caning is going to be much different than the reality. Or maybe you're just curious what all this S&M stuff feels like. You'll be giving a tour of the facility and familiarized with different implements you can select to test out.  

Rather than a strict Mistress, you just need a kinky friend with a smile on her face to show you the ropes (both figuratively and literally!). You like the idea of me helping you figure out if you can handle it or build up your pain threshold to eventually live out the full fantasy. You’re looking to be in experienced hands in a safe environment going at a slow pace to see what makes you tick. This is also an ideal type of scenario for those who had negative past experiences (either professionally or in their personal relationships) and need to gain trust before delving into more intense scenarios. Like the title says, this is for BDSM (Bondage Discipline Sado-Masochism) beginners, which involves well, you know, BDSM. If you're looking to indulge your foot fetish, kinky role play, or anything else that doesn't involve Bondage, Discpline and Sado-Masochistic activities, take a look at my other sessions! 


Beginner sessions start at 2 hours. Depending on the number of activities you'd like to explore, 3 or 4 may be better suited for you. Four hours is the perfect amount of time to also share a meal (dining nearby or ordering in) and settle nerves before playing or just try everything you want to try at a pace that doesn't feel rushed. Some people think beginner sessions should be a short amount of time to "try it out" first, but I disagree. When I permitted shorter beginner sessions we were both left unfulfilled. The pace of beginner sessions is much slower to allow time for a new sub to process and explore with time for ample communication. Let's create a memorable first time for you!

2 hours: 800.

3 hours: 1200.

4 hours: 1600.

5 hours: 2000.

6 hours: 2400.

Fetish Play

Not submissive, but just want to have some kinky fun? Just want to treat yourself and focus on one fetish for your whole session? 

Here are the fetishes you can indulge in with me!

Human Furniture

Lay at my feet as I use your body or face as a foot stool. You're just furniture. Foot stools don't move or speak. You may be tied up and gagged to remind you of your place as I watch a movie, read a book, take phone or cam sessions with you hidden under my desk, or I talk to my Mistress girl friends on the phone with you under foot right where you belong. Your first session whether you are new or just new to me will be 1-1/2 hours to allow time for your training and oritentation. Subsequent sessions may be for an hour.

1-hour: 500.

1-1/2 hours: 700.

2 hours: 800.

3 hours: 1200.

4 hours: 1600.


Foot Fetish

You may have gotten a taste of my pedicured toes as a reward in a Power Exchange session, but now you want to treat yourself to a whole hour or more. You can spend your entire session making out with my feet and licking my high arches from clean to smelly to absolutely filthy.  Your first session whether you are new or just new to me will be 1-1/2 hours to allow time for your training and orientation. Subsequent sessions may be for an hour.

Sessions start at

1-1/2 hours: 900 (first meeting orientation & training + session)

​1-hour: 600.


Sploshing/WAM/Food Play

Only the vegan versions of these foods will be used.

Craving a cream pie or yogurt in your face?

Licking syrup or chocolate sauce off my toes?

Chewed up bananas being spit all over your body?

Let's make it happen!

Starts at $600/hour. 


Caviar Play

Interested in being a full toilet? This is only offered as a part of 12-hour sessions or longer. Why? Because I never know what time it's going to happen. As a Female Supremacist I don't allow men to dictate when a natural bodily function happens. (Seems silly, doesn't it? For you to only be available for an hour or two with a specific time frame and expecting a Mistress to need to poop at your whim.) Incorporating caviar play into your session requires an additional tribute of $1000. TextLydia to discuss your toilet fantasy or request to purchase my premium golden shower videos or caviar toilet videos.


Customized Adventure

You know what you like and you know how you like it. All you need is a professional fetish actress to make your dream a reality. As a discerning fetishist, you care not for giving up any power or control nor do you care for improv. You wish to live out your fantasy to a tee and don’t like surprises. Perhaps you only enjoy one specific fetish or you have a very detailed script, dialog and exact wardrobe request down to hairstyle and shade of lipstick. Perhaps you just like to call all the shots during sessions or want what you saw in a video reenacted. This option allows you to craft your experience to your exact specifications and have your desires catered to. Note that I do not take a submissive or switch role for any sessions.

Starts at $600/hour + any special items or wardrobe required.

Domestic Servitude

Finally a session option designed just for slaves and sissy maids! Have you longed to be the domestic servant of a Mistress? To be trained to be an asset to her life?  Also perfect training for both aspiring slaves and sissy maids hoping to attract the attention of a lifestyle (non-professional) Mistress.  For every lifestyle Mistress out there seeking a domestic servant, there are anywhere between dozens to hundreds of other men competing for the very position you want. Think those numbers are made up? Think again. If there were more lifestyle Mistresses, I wouldn't have a job. Learn how to stand out from the rest in your online profiles and learn how to gain the skills that Mistresses seek.


Prepare to be stripped naked (or put into a maid uniform) and collared as you sweep, mop, organize, do chores and laundry, give foot rubs, and whatever else needs doing. The maid uniform is real (not satin or latex) for real cleaning. Satin and latex are fetish fabrics for fantasy play only, not servitude.


Once you have been instructed on how to perform a task, I will playfully peek in on you from time to time, but for the most part you must be able to execute tasks unsupervised as I relax. If you need to be kept company and "punished" during tasks, request a Power Exchange role play instead as this option is for real slavery only. If you misbehave, you will be punished by being sent home early.

3 hours: 700.

4 hours: 800.

Add an hour of play after your servitude: 400+/hour

Overnight Experience: 3 hours of Servitude + 1-1/2 hours of Play + Sleeping in a Cage or Slave Quarters, 7 PM - 7 AM: 2000.

*For sissy maids who wish to have their makeup fully done (more than just lipstick) before serving, add an extra $100.

Ready to start your training for Domestic Servitude? Apply here: Supplication for Domestic Servitude

It's In The Details...

More details of what I enjoy!


The Back Door

While well-intended, the saying "The way to a man's to a man's heart is through his stomach" only slightly misses the mark. To really gain a man's adoration, a Woman must simply turn him over and reach a little lower. You will find a smile on my face as I take your untouched flower, as much as my eyes will widen with delight as I'm plowing into the seasoned  hole (you can see my work on websites such as Femdom Empire, The English Mansion and Club Dom). I have toys of every size from Tiny Tims and massagers to the cruel and unusual, including a reciprocating saw with attachments,  f*cking machine, metal torture toys and my fist (...!)


As a back door enthusiast, specialty lubes and techniques are used to encourage you to open up to me. I am very experienced in multi-domme gang scenarios to make you feel like a real used piece of meat as well as "consensual non-consent play", *wink wink*. I also have special pieces of bondage furniture specifically designed to help me make my way to your... heart.

Back Door play can be incorporated into any session or be the focal point of your experience by request.

Note: Each toy is covered for safety and properly sanitized with a medical grade cleaner after each use. You are welcome to bring your own toys!

Sissy Training / Feminization

Do you have a feminine side that needs nurturing? Then a visit to my transformation salon is just for you! Experience erotic humiliation, slut training, maid training, or even a full transformation! When lacy panties aren't enough, you can be whisked away to a world of manicured nails, pedicured toes and curve enhancing padded undergarments to transform you into the prettiest girl! My Sissy Salon is stocked with waist cinchers, corsets, pantyhose and stockings, breast forms, press-on nails, jewelry, tiaras, wigs and heels up to a women’s size 15 (men’s 13). With lingerie in sizes up to 3XL in different styles to suit your sissy persona- frilly, sophisticated or trampy- my salon has it all!

When traveling to other cities, I pack props, gear and wardrobe based upon the types of session requests I receive. Just be sure to make a note of my travel dates on my availability page and make your request 48-hours prior to my departure. 


Special note: disposable wig caps are provided, and each garment is freshly laundered or steam cleaned. All makeup brushes are washed and sanitized between uses. You are also free to bring your favorite items.


Role Plays

Whether it’s easier for you to submit while wearing the mask of another persona or you’re looking to add some kinky fun into your life, a role play might be the answer. Still a Power Exchange Session, only with costumes involved! Bitch Boss, teacher, subordinate who turns the tables (employee, rebellious daughter, student),  kidnapper (mmmm!), "Mommy" (Aunty, naughty big sister), Cat Woman, kinky therapist, nun or undercover police officer are some of the many roles we can have fun exploring! Role Plays are a good way to get lost in the moment!


Bondage & Confinement

While bondage can be incorporated into any session, many submissives seek to feel absolutely helpless for extended periods of time at the hands of an experienced Mistress. Be teased and tormented while locked in a cage, tightly bound in rope or heavy rubber arm binders, immobilized with restraints, tightly mummified, or trapped in a sleep sack, straight jacket or latex vac bed! It's always thrilling to meet new bondage victims to make them squirm!

*Cages available at my dungeon in Washington DC and the dungeons I rent in Chicago, Los Angeles, or Dallas.


Pain Pet

You’re a masochist and need to be the pet of a smiling sadistic owner. Slow and methodical, intense and cathartic, or somewhere in between. My dungeon is home to many implements of torture to keep your endorphins rushing. Paddles, whips, canes, scratching, nipples clamps, humblers, needles, electro torture. Let’s negotiate a scenario within your limits and see how far I can push you!  


Some submissives crave to have a happy sadist to steal the family jewels. Your manhood can be bound, punched, kicked, slapped, clawed, poked, prodded, stretched, sounded, whipped, caned, pierced, or zapped to my evil heart's delight!)  

Order of Indomitus Training

A perfect solution for those nervous about attending The Order of Indomitus. Learn the Indomitus slavery positions, be trained in protocol, and briefed in exactly how what is expected of you for Indomitus weekend.

2 hour minimum

The Exhibitionist

Do you twitch down below when you see my slaves exposed on my social media? Do you wish that was you?

Do you find yourself day dreaming about being subtly exposed in public? Embarrassed in front of a pretty saleswoman while you're buying me heels or while I take you panty shopping? Maybe I place a discreet remote vibrator in your pants and make you squirm over dinner and explode in a crowded nightclub. Perhaps your secret desire is to be collared and paraded around a fetish party on a leash? Or locked in chastity and taken to a strip club where I expose your dirty secret to the strippers as they give you lap dances as you ache!

For the exhibitionist crossdresser, I adore dressing up my girls and taking them out en femme. We can be girl friends who do lunch and shop for new panties for you to model for me later or get exposed at gay bars or adult parties where you’ll be a dirty girl for my amusement.

Boudoir photography (or erotic video) with my equipment is available to make your experience memorable for your personal viewing or for your public exposure. Do inquire.


Medical Scenes

If your fantasies involve a naughty nurse or probing doctor, my medical scenes are just for you! Samples can be collected or you can be flushed out as a part of your wellness exam. “Experiments” can be conducted in the lab. Maybe it’s time for your gender re-assignment “surgery” or you’ve been a convicted of a crime and the prison hospital is where your “chemical castration” takes place. Note that “surgeries” and “castrations” are fantasy role play only... dummy. ;-)


Extended Scenarios

Ever dreamed of being a slave sleeping in a cage at the foot of the bed of Mistress? Immersed in slavery for a day? Being a sissy maid cleaning and being slutty for Mistress for a weekend? Perhaps traveling to fetish events or a taking a seemingly vanilla vacation together with domination going on behind closed doors? The possibilities are endless! Do note that Extended Scenarios are only reserved for those who have seen me for sessions before or have had phone sessions with me and can provide references.

Meet & Greet

Curious to get to know me better in a casual setting? We can meet at a coffee house or bar, or you can indulge in a longer lunch or dinner engagement to get to know each other. Other options are over shopping or a night on the town before booking me for a session later.

Coffee: $500 (up to 1-1/2 hours)

Lunch: $600 (up to 2 hours)

Drinks, Dinner & Dessert: $700 (up to 2-1/2 hours)



Calls & Texts

Interested in distance training or assignments? Texting or calling before meeting for the first time is a great way to prepare yourself and ease first time jitters. Also a discreet way for me to keep the control I have over you until I see you again! Text or call me at and your phone number will remain completely anonymous! Text first with your full range of availability to set up a time to talk! is also the ideal method of contact for Dominant Women to contact me regarding mentoring their submissive male partners.


Cam Sessions

Available via SextPanther: (text first to set up a time for your video chat)

I am often asked...

What my favorite activities are or what type of submissives I like. Firstly, I don't list anything that I don't enjoy doing. As for a favorite, it depends on the chemistry I share with my submissive.  While my natural default is predatory, my play style varies depending what kind of energy a submissive generates. I feed off that energy and reciprocate. What I enjoy with one submissive, I may not enjoy as much with another. Each submissive is unique and not made from a cookie cutter so sessions shouldn't be made that way either. What truly turns me on is thoughtfulness, gentlemanly behavior and submissives who makes the booking process easy (read my Protocol page about this!). Dommes don't become dommes to be bored with back and forth emails figuring out compatible schedules and getting deposits; we become dommes to get to the fun stuff - dominating you! The easier you make the booking process, the more excited I am to see you! Note that displays of rude, pushy, or ungentlemanly behavior shuts my brain off and I won't be turned on anymore, which we can't have that, now can we? It will result in your time with me ending early and you may book another session when you have learned basic manners and rules of etiquette.

What to expect...

I will greet you at the door and have light conversation to put you at ease. This is also to help you transition from the outside world into my realm. Some submissives prefer the session to start immediately upon arriving, particularly in the case of role-plays. If this is you, just make a mention of it in your supplicate form.  After our session is over, I'll give you a chance to shower off your sweat (and shame, *chuckle*) and take a moment to help beam you back down to Earth before you venture back out into the world.


Of course if you are like Sissy Stella (who gets off on being a dirty slut,) you may be sent back to the office doing a walk of shame in your own drippy filth. Feel free to make a request for "Sissy Stella Treatment", and no, you don't have to be a sissy to enjoy being tossed out feeling used and dirty. :-)

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