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Pre Session Planning

You should think of getting ready to session as a ritual: you are offering yourself to a Goddess. Offerings should be properly purified and presented with much thought, so the basic rules of hygiene should be a bare minimum: arrive freshly showered wearing clean clothes. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash, especially if you smoke. If you are coming straight from work, ask in your SUPPLICATE email to take a quick shower before we get started. 

I highly recommend washing your entire body with Mando, or their sister brand Lume if you prefer femme-scented products. (Both are also available on Amazon). This brand kills bacteria on the skin that causes sweat to smell. Body folds, between the cheeks, taint, c & b, and armpits. They also make deodorants that are safe to apply on intimate areas to neutralize odors.  

Be as groomed as possible. My preference is clean-shaven everything (everything as in “everything aside from eyebrows and the hair on your head”.) I understand that often it is not possible; (I did say "preference", not "requirement".) However, if you are able, shave as much as you can or at least the parts of yourself you are presenting to me for my amusement. At the very least, trim. I am also all too happy to remove body hair for you and many find it highly erotic to be shaved by a dominant woman. Depending on the amount, this could add 30 - 60 minutes so schedule accordingly. 

Trim your fingernails and file them smoothly. Cut off hang nails. Do the same for your toes and treat any toe fungus issues. Some of my subs have loved my suggested of treating themselves to a regular men's manicure and pedicure to feel and look their best.

When submitting yourself to a dominant woman, unless you have a hard limit of anal play, you should give yourself an enema, ideally about 1 - 2 hours before arrival. Kits for this are available at pharmacies for about $3. This can also be something incorporated into your session. If you are going to skip this step, should problems arise and it is determined that it is due to your lack of preparation, you will be punished by your session ending immediately and you will be sent home. 

For your edification, you may want to read my short e-book,

"Everything Anal: A Beginner's Guide to Anal Submission".

I notice many conversations on Femdom Twitter about subs wondering if a gift is required. Required? No. But does it make a good impression? Absolutely. Every Mistress appreciates thoughtful gestures. has suggestions.

Still unclear about my Protocols & Expectations?

Ask any questions in your SUPPLICATE form or feel free to text or call me at TextLydia.comYour phone number remains completely anonymous!

Protocols Part 3: Upon Arrival

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