When panties and a wig just aren't enough,
step into my transformation studio and become one of

Lydia's Dolls


Always fascinated by the transformative power of makeup and fashion, in 2008, I had a dream of opening a lavish cross dressing studio. Instead what I ended up opening was my own dungeon in Philadelphia but had set aside a special room just for my dolls. Unfortunately, my hectic touring schedule prevented it from coming together. However, after moving here to DC, my dream is becoming a reality!

I have been collecting for this for years now. Wigs, makeup, breast forms, lingerie (sizes to fit men's small - XL), heels (men sizes 7 - 14), pantyhose, jewelry, purses, lolita dresses, maid dresses, petticoats and all the adornments you need to be my prettiest girl. 


It's time to turn you into a girl!

Sissy Tess is wearing transformation makeup. This type of makeup is what I consider a "full makeover". This is different than "play makeup" of just lipstick and maybe some blush. A full makeover generally takes a little over 1-hour to complete and can be added on to your session of dress up and play.


You may want to consider allotting an extra 1/2-hour to 45 minutes for a photoshoot to remember your makeover. Everyone deserves to feel sexy and pretty and a photoshoot is a fun and glamorous process to explore a side of yourself didn't know existed! I have lights set up and can coach you into an assortment of poses from demure to playful to seductive to risqué. Treating yourself to a photoshoot is a great way to learn to feel comfortable with your feminine self and for many it's extremely empowering. You can keep your sexy images for your eyes only, to share with lovers, or to use on dating apps. I'm more than happy to take photos with your camera or phone to ensure that they are 100% for your eyes only.

Tess's wig, outfit, and heels are items I provided, but I am more than happy to work with your favorite items as well.

Excited to get the best makeup results? Get tips on how to prepare for your crossdressing makeover.


Look what I've picked out for you to model for me, sissy.

Just some of the wardrobe available to dress you up in!

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