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Upon Arrival...

If you were a bad boy (or girl) and didn't read Part 1 of my Protocols, here's an important paragraph worth repeating:


" name is Ms. Lydia. Not "Lydia”, not “Mistress”, not “Miss Lydia”, not “Ma'am”, "Goddess", or "Princess", just “Ms. Lydia”. Memorize it now because you’ll be screaming it later. You may call me by another honorific title if and when instructed to do so."

Arrive on time, not early, not late. If you are early, there is no need to alert me as I am busy preparing your session, simply wait in your car until the appointed time (or when I'm traveling and taking sessions at a hotel, simply wait in the lobby). If your Uber driver brings you early, wait by the entrance (there are chairs). Do not roam around the neighborhood on foot or by car as this will only draw unwanted attention to yourself. Call me at the appointed time of your session and I will head over to greet you at the door (or give you the hotel room number.) I understand that you may be nervous or excited, but there is no reason to call 5 minutes early at 1:55pm (which I will ignore), then call again at 1:57 (which I will also ignore).


If you are running late, CALL (not email) me immediately to let me know.

Upon entering my domain, you will be asked to remove your shoes. Once in the door, street shoes are not permitted. This is also where you will check in your coat and your ego. Upon entering the main playroom, place the balance of your tribute on the table near the gold pagoda. It will be to your immediate right upon walking in. You will be given further instructions at that time and we will take a moment to chat briefly before getting started. 


With new subs as well as seasoned submissives who are new to me, I do like to take some time to get to know you when meeting for the first time. Though with some sessions, for experienced submissives or sessions involving role plays, if discussed beforehand, the session can start immediately upon arrival. That is something that can happen after your first session with me.

You are given the opportunity to ask questions and pre-negotiate our time together prior to your session only (in your SUPPLICATE form, during our pre-session chat upon your arrival and if you choose, during any texts or phone calls through Once the session starts, I play within the parameters which have been set, I do check in and use my expertise to go with the flow to keep you safe or keep things fresh and exciting. Perhaps I notice you're not handling an activity the same way you used to in previous sessions so I will ease up, or maybe today is the day you're ready to explore something more intense!  However, once the session begins, at no point is it permissible to dictate or "drop hints" in which order activities happen or what I should do next or that you deserve a reward. This is called "topping from the bottom" (trying to dominate the scenario from the "submissive" position). As a self-realized Alpha Woman, I am fully capable of knowing how to party and enjoy myself with you as my submissive plaything, so I do not enjoy hints or suggestions of how to enjoy myself with you and I'll be very turned off and no longer desire your company.  Your job is to be a good boy (or girl) and submit to my desires. After all, submission is the whole point of booking a session with a dominatrix. It's such a beautiful thing!

If you desire a session where you call all the shots, lucky for you I am also a fetish actress. For an additional tribute, you can book a Customized Adventure Session where you can order a truly customized experience choosing your own adventure every step of the way! 

When the session is over, you will be given time to flutter back down to Earth from your submissive headspace. It is proper etiquette for the submissive or slave to help clean up after the session. I will instruct you on how to do so. Most times this will take about 5 or 10 minutes of your time. I also like taking a few minutes to chat to wind things down. After clean-up is done, you will be offered a shower to freshen up. If you've been sweating in a vac bed or from an adrenaline rush, a quick shower will also help beam you back down before heading back to the outside world. 

If time permits, I'm always happy to chat afterwards, but if I have another engagement to prepare for, I will let you know. Be a good boy (or girl) and respect my time. If you are on a tight schedule, let me know and I will make sure you are out the door on time. 

Still unclear about my Protocols & Expectations?

Ask any questions in your SUPPLICATE form or feel free to text or call me at Your phone number remains completely anonymous!

Ready to book a session?

+Do you know your full availability?

+Have you read all of my Protocols?

+Are you ready to impress me with

your impeccable manners?

If you've answered YES!, then you're ready to 


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