Tributes & Deposits

Beginner, Power Exchange & Fetish Play Sessions

My tribute starts at $400 for the first hour (Beginner Sampler Platter Sessions require a 2 hour minimum depending on the number of activities involved). 

$600 for 1-1/2 hours

$750 for 2 hours

$1000 for 3 hours

$300 each additional hour


$650 for 1-1/2 hours

$800 for 2 hours

$1100 for 3 hours

$300 each additional hour

The additional tribute goes towards covering the cost of my being in your city (flights, Uber rides, travel time, extra luggage, restaurants, and hotels.)

Meet & Greets:

Coffee or lunch: $400+

Drinks, dinner & dessert: $600+

Customized Adventure Sessions

Starts at $600 for the hour depending on the level of preparation required to execute your fantasy (memorization of your script, acquiring costumes, decorating the dungeon or moving furniture around, etc.)


You may request my presence at your DC, Maryland, or Virginia location or points beyond! A two hour minimum is required. In addition to the tribute for your session, my travel fees are below (+ parking, if any):

DC, Arlington, Tysons, Potomac, downtown Silver Spring: $100 

Annapolis: $200

Downtown Baltimore: $200

Richmond, VA: $400

Philadelphia: $500




Domestic Servitude Sessions:

3 hours: $700

4 hours: $800

Add an hour of play after your servitude: $300+/hour

Overnight Experiences:

Three hours of Servitude + 1-1/2 hours of Play + Sleeping in a Cage or Slave Quarters, 7 PM - 7 AM: $1400

*For sissy maids who wish to have their makeup fully done (more than just lipstick) before serving, add an extra $100.

Overnight Play Sessions 7 PM - 7 AM start at $2000 including sleep in a cage or slave quarters.

Without sleep/playing throughout the night: inquire.

The More the Merrier:

From time to time I host close Mistress friends of mine at my dungeon who are available for doubles. This is always advertised on the home page as well as my social media platforms.

Bi fantasy sessions are available with my friend Stefan. He hails from The Netherlands and has made Washington, DC his home. His lean muscled physique, charming accent, and lust for being pleasured make him a fun addition for my sessions. Stefan is open to many role play fantasies and holds a special place for cross-dressers. Unless you have previous experience with men, you must have met with me at least once or have and established an online relationship. The experience will be more enjoyable for us all only if you feel comfortable with me first. The additional tribute for Stefan to join us starts at $300. to request to see Stefan's big Dutch package unwrapped.



Deposits Explained for Newbies




"a sum payable as a first installment on the purchase or something

or as a pledge for a contract, the balance being payable later."

A 50% or more deposit is required to book me for your session, sometimes more particularly if you are booking an extended session, I am in another city and a dungeon needs to be rented for the session or a hotel room booked, if you have a history of canceling or if special supplies, wardrobe or props are purchased. I have a discreet billing method that can be done online.


For those of you who require a non-paper trail method, I do accept deposits via Amazon gift card. If using an Amazon gift card, add an additional $50 fee per hour fee (this fee does not go towards your final tribute). The reason being is that cash is what pays for dungeon rent and utilities, BDSM gear, latex outfits, flights to session in other cities, hotels and cab rides, not Amazon gift cards. And unfortunately, my landlords, Sprint, Comcast, gas, electric, and insurance companies do not accept Amazon gift cards either. 


For those of you concerned about sending me a deposit, rest assured that being in the industry since 2008 and this being my full-time career, I am not interested in marring my professional reputation over such a small amount. Unless your deposit contains several zeros following a 1 or higher (enough for me to retire on), it’s simply not worth risking my reputation over.

A deposit assures me of a couple of things: a). that you are serious about showing up for your session, b). that if you decide not to show up, I am at least partially compensated for my lost time when I could have taken another session.

Deposits are non-refundable. After all, by definition, that's what a deposit is (see above). Your deposit can be put towards a future session within 14 days only if you cancel with a 72 hour notice. Naturally, only if the new date you seek isn't already booked. This is why it's important to book only when you are sure of your schedule. 


When you book a session, I block out that time frame just for you and reserve the dungeon for your session. It also means I decline other sessions. The very sessions that pay for the dungeon that I created for my subs and slaves to enjoy. The more last minute your cancellation, the less chance I have of re-booking for that time slot. Unfortunately due to some bad eggs, there are no exceptions for same day "emergencies". Many subs are nervous before meeting me for the first time and I have heard it all- from feigned injuries to supposed last minute business trips to a grandmother's third funeral. I am very strict about this policy. Do not embarrass yourself by asking to be an exception. It will guarantee that I do not desire your company. It has been a common practice for professionals to protect their businesses from missed appointments I, too, have paid for missing dentist, doctor, hair, or massage therapy appointments. Yes, it sucks, but it's not fair for the businesses who take care of my needs and I am thankful for existing to suffer financially just because I did poor planning and got stuck in traffic or at the last minute I prioritized to do something else other than my booked appointment. Like other types of professionals, dominatrixes also have an overhead to cover, so I expect the same courtesy I pay to other business owners.

If you are unsure of your schedule, it's best to wait to book until you are certain you'll be able to make it. Until a deposit is paid, I am unable to hold an appointment.

Tipping & Gifts

While not required, tokens of appreciation are always graciously accepted and appreciated. See for gift ideas, but I do prefer cash gifts which I put in a special savings account to go towards my dream of opening a women's shelter for the empowerment of disadvantaged women. 

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