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"Ms. Lydia-
Thank you, oh thank you!
Our session on Monday was fantastic, unbelievable, and mind-blowing! My expectations were exceeded in every way,
and I've been forced to reconsider a lot as result of our time together. Transformative, really.
I can't get my mind around how amazing the experience was - e.g. having the daylights ****** out of my *** with you telling me
that you're going to pimp out my *** and ***** - my god, that was the hottest thing I've ever experienced. Ever. I've been riding a 3-day high as a result!....:

-Sub F, Washington DC


"Ms. Lydia,

Thank you so much! That was exactly what I was looking for in a session. Additionally, you are an awesome person to be around and get to know."

-Sub A.P., Washington DC


"Ms. Lydia

It was great seeing you today. As always you make feel so at home and welcome. I loved starting with a wonderful relaxing makeup session. It was so relaxing, truly like a day at the spa. Then having me model the three dresses you picked out was heavenly, I felt so feminine.  Then we moved on to the grand finale. Let me just say you never disappoint. Having me wear the sluttiest dress third so we could move right into my deflowering was perfect. As always, I left looking forward to our next session.


Your sissy,


Washington DC


"Thanks for an amazing ride!  Wow.  I’m still quivering from being dealt a Hitachi! (I think?).  I really enjoyed our vibe and your play space is amazing!  If I’m back in DC I would love to session again and will leave a little more time on either end!"

Sub JS, Washington DC



"Good evening, Ms. Lydia.  I just couldn’t let the day pass without letting you know what an amazing time I had today.  You were incredible. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you again soon."

Sub M, Washington DC



"Hello Ms Lydia,

I still think about our session. That was so amazing. I can’t wait till you come back this way. 

Your sissy slave...,"

-Sissy N., Minneapolis MN


"Ms. Lydia,

Thank you for yesterday. I had a lot of fun. I was surprised by how therapeutic I found the entire experience.

I wasn’t sure how I would handle impact play, but I felt like you were very much in tune with how I was handling it. I was happy to see your marks still there when I got home. You could probably tell that my favorite part was the sleep sack. That had been a longtime fantasy of mine.... I had an amazing time, and I will definitely be looking to book another session...."

-Sub E., Washington DC


"Thank you so much for today Ms. Lydia, I had an amazing time! It was terribly delighful. I was extremely nervous as I assume you picked up on, but our conversation prior to starting helped ease that a little.... You're amazing! I really hope were able to do this again! Thank you!"

-Sub SM, Washington DC





"Ms. Lydia 

Let me just say OMG!!!

I have to say that my expectation was the reality wouldn’t live up to the fantasy. I figured I would do one session and that would probably be it. Well you smashed that theory to pieces.

I want to thank you for making it such an incredible experience. Being my first time I was so nervous but you made me feel at ease. I’m a little embarrassed at how easy you were able to bring out the slut in me...actually it’s a little scary. Any way I will be looking at my schedule soon in hopes that you will allow me to serve you again. Maybe we can include makeup, I’m dying to know how I would look.


Thank you."

-Sissy Priscilla, Washington DC


"Hi Ms. Lydia,


Finally had a chance to settle down and gather my thoughts from our session - it was AMAZING. I’m still getting jitters and need to remind myself that I’d actually taken the step to see you - still feels like a dream!


Thank you for showing me the ropes (figuratively and literally) and having the patience to indoctrinate a newcomer like myself. Although I was very nervous, I will admit you put me at ease throughout the whole time and I was very comfortable (to some extent) throughout the whole session. I think you put me in a sense of euphoria the whole time which made me open up to try new things I didn’t expect. Long story short - I knew I was in good hands. I really appreciate it.


Looking forward to see you again and be further indoctrinated by you and become your proper backdoor slave."

-Sub A, Washington DC


"I want to thank you for the fun time I had with you yesterday. I very much enjoyed my transformation into Slutty Samantha. I never liked looking at myself in the mirror during cross-dressing but this time around I just felt pretty. Thank you very much for that. My whole body was pulsating in euphoria, and I can’t believe that I was so pleasantly overwhelmed with sensations and emotions that I couldn’t even speak at the end. 


Thank you again for your hospitality and for taking control during the session. Hope to see you again soon, and have a great time in New York! "
-Slut Samantha, Washington DC




"Hello Ms. Lydia,

Thank you again for seeing me yesterday.  Your patience in training me how best to behave to please you is greatly appreciated.  It certainly was not easy for me - especially the cane (obviously) - but sincerely appreciated nevertheless.  I will do my best to shed, curb or otherwise evolve away from the parching masculine behaviors you detest."

-Slave LK, Washington DC



"Ms. Lydia,

 I wanted to thank you for last night it truly was a special experience and fantasy come true.  You are incredibly beautiful, sexy, intelligent and easy to talk with and spend quality time.  I will admit that having a discussion with you when you are dressed so sexy is more than difficult but I’m sure that was also intentional.  You are a lovely and special woman thanks again for letting me be part of your world."

-MN, Washington DC



"Thank you for seeing me today. The session was beyond my wildest expectations and I truly hope that I was enjoyable for you. I hope to be able to find a time again soon for another session."

-Slave M aka Sissy Miranda, Washington DC



"Last night was really great.  Very soon after meeting you I felt very comfortable.  More comfortable that I've felt with people I've known for years.  Despite my reaction to some of the more extreme elements of our play, it felt right. It felt natural and enjoyable to lay on the floor and rub your feet and talk with you and I enjoyed that.  I don't warm up to people easily so even our conversation was very enjoyable for me.  Also as I said last night, you taking control (which was seamless and felt so right) and treating me the way you did put me in a headspace I've never been in before.  I look forward to spending more time with you.  Thanks so much!"

-Slave J.E, Washington DC



"You are my exclusive Domme... I was spellbound from our first encounter. I had previous professional sessions many years ago but none compare to you."

-BBS, Washington DC






"Thank you so much!! You are in-fucking-credible! Very much looking forward to the next chance to be your slut."

-Slut P, Washington DC



"Ms. Lydia, I wanted to thank you for the pleasure of serving you. I hope you have a great holiday. I want to book another session after the new year. I will reach out soon."

-Slave P, Washington DC





"Ms. Lydia, First off, Friday was the best! I made the correct choice by booking my first session with you and I will definitely be booking future sessions with you.


Things I really liked:

- face slapping (was probably my favorite and something I’d like to explore more in the future)

- the golden shower

- the sph

- the dildo sucking

- the fact that even though it was a “Customized Adventure” you were 100% in control

- the fact that you were an actual person outside of the dominatrix setting

- how clean and professional everything about your setup was


In the future, I’d love to explore my limit of backdoor play.


Again, thanks so much for the great night!"

-T, Washington DC



"Ms Lydia,

I came back to my senses today and was able to release to the mayhem that happened yesterday :D That was intense af. And I have new found respect for slaves who could take a caning at full force from you. You made me feel helpless and cry like a man child. You were straight-up badass. Thanks for the session and I hope to see you again whenever possible."

Slave H, Washington DC



"Can't wait to kneel before you again!"  

-P, Washington DC


"Ms. Lydia,

Thank you for yesterday’s session.  My brain & body has still not recovered from it.  The brief tour of your facility made it clear to me that you were proud and happy to show off your facility and its furnishings.  I could see the gleam in your eyes when you went over each room’s furnishings & use. Thank you for the brief quick lessons in slave positions, hopefully I can remember them for our future sessions.  I think my brain is still mush at this point over 17 hours later.  I can still feel each blow from your foot as I tried to walk around today afterwards or even trying to lay down or use the toilet.  The swelling is just a reminder of the things I experienced.


The backdoor play I received today was what I was dying for or at least I felt was missing for a very long time.  The fact you turned it into punishment also made it more memorable, having to hold that inflatable plug for 30 seconds felt like an eternity.  Inside my head I was thinking don’t push it out, you’ll probably get a worse fate if you do.  That just made my determination not to disappoint you a more crucial goal for my session.  The fear you put in my eyes when you had me concentrate on the colossal dildo in front of my eyes.


I would especially like to thank you for allowing me to be one of the few privileged to have a Hitachi shoved in me and be placed in the Objectifier.  Even though I did get a little light headed toward the end I felt it was such a interesting sensation since I couldn’t see out of the box other than the little light I could see from the corners of it.  I honestly have never experienced anything remotely like the Hitachi there before and especially when you turned it on high and started to move it around.  It just made my suffering even worse but I could hear in your voice you were enjoying every minute of it.  Without a doubt, you definitely pushed my limits and Ms. Tegan was 100% right when she said, “If being used hard is what you’re looking for then Ms Lydia would be a good match for you.  She can really push a person’s limits.” I look forward to future meetings." 

-Handwarmer, Washington DC



Ms. Lydia,


Well after the long drive home last night I pretty much collapsed in my bed. 


I’m not sure life-changing is the correct word to describe last night but it feels like it may have been. You really helped open my eyes to an entire lifestyle that I have great interest in and I had been neglecting that side of myself. You weren’t kidding when you said that doing it alone is basically ignoring it. I remember the exact moment I completely dropped my guard and I couldn’t think about anything except being a depraved slut for you. It sounds weird but being bound, and submitting to your will was incredibly liberating. 


On top of all that, you are gorgeous, well spoken, and just a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am so grateful of your time and patience with me. I know that there is a lot for me to learn, but I hope when I get back in November we can do this again, and again, and I can continue down whatever path you choose to lead me down. 


Thank you so much, for everything, you will be on my mind constantly until we do this again. 


Your Sissy Slut,


Washington DC



"Ms. Lydia,

I had an incredible time with you and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had, not only in terms of femdom, but in life as a whole. Although I haven’t had a session with a professional dominatrix before, I have read that some mistresses keep an eye on the clock. But with you time flew and you took time to ease my nerves and had a lengthy conversation about your life and mine afterwards. You showed your experience through your work and never did I ever felt unsafe under your control. Thank you for that."

-Slave H, Washington DC





"Ms. Lydia,


Thank You for the wonderful time yesterday.   It brought me such joy to receive so much pain at Your hand and exciting to see how much You enjoyed meting it out.  That was among the best whippings I’ve received period but to have it be the christening of Your “room of destiny” with Your favorite whip made it extra special and will make it very memorable for me...."

-slave z, Washington DC



"...thank you again very much for taking the time and attention to both broaden my horizons and not send me shivering into the fetal position for the rest of the night. You’re honestly super sensitive and super kind- your self-identification as cruel kind of perplexes me given my perspective and evolving philosophy toward BDSM. Cruelty to me isn’t beating people into submission or using a combination of unexpectedly alternating positive and negative Pavlovian stimuli to elicit your desired responses. Cruelty isn’t knowing you’re superior to all men and treating all men accordingly- cruelty is treating me as inferior strictly and exclusively because of something I can neither control nor completely compensate for... You’re an emotionally complex yet ultimately lovely person who just happens to be a Female Supremacist.


...I hate having to fight constantly against both condescension and shrouded bigotry all damn day, and it was wonderful to be able to relent and stop fighting for two hours."

-JH, Washington DC



"...I can't resist the opportunity to serve you again. I felt completely safe in your hands...."

-Order of Indomitus Slave 044




"I continue to be grateful for having made your acquaintance and for the influence you've had over me in these past years- though we've only physically gotten together a few times. It always was, and will likely always be, your mind that draws me to you, despite your physical beauty.'s our conversations and your "energy" that maintains my affection and devotion to you. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think you quite awesome, and I'm grateful to be on your short list of people you contact when you're coming back to town. But please do know that it is not the  fantasy fulfillment that keeps me coming back to you, but rather it's you- the individual person- to whom I am not only physically attracted, but magnetically drawn to your energy and your inherent "goodness" and "wisdom." I would never ruin your reputation by publicly stating how "good" and kind you truly are, but know that I know it and I love that of yours so much, and it's what makes me so comfortable in your presence- so comfortable that I'm usually giddy while you are "abusing" me."

-Leo, Philadelphia



"I've had two sessions with Ms. Lydia in the past 4 weeks, after making a New Years Resolution to get abused more by gorgeous Dommes.  Noticed that Ms Lydia does a lot of travel to the DC area, so met her first in February, and again this month, in Baltimore.   Opted for longer sessions of three hours each.

First the superficial -- she's gorgeous!!!!   Beautiful deep penetrating eyes (more on those later), lovely lips, incredibly sexy body, and a sweet smile too.  Fairly tall, and totally commanding.  Her intensity and beauty in person far outweighs any web clips or pics you'll see.  Wow!  Whether in the first session -- when I'd mentioned I have a thing for sexy stockings, and she met me with a sexy burgundy lacy outfit and garter belt and sheer stockings -- or second session with fishnets and sexy heels.... Wow!   She has a huge fetish for rubber (more on that later), and I'm anxiously awaiting seeing her in her entire rubber fetish attire.

Moving past the superficial into the first session...

Big thumbs up for her sexy feet, and shoes..... Then to the sawhorse thingy, and five minutes into the whipping, she figures out that I can take everything she's giving me, and I say -- "whatever you want."  Complete change in her demeanor - to "oh boy, Santa Claus just came to town"... and she goes over, changes the music from the Clash to some really hardcore that she tells me -- "I don't often play to this music - it gets me in a certain mood...."   and then reveals to me that her rubber whip is the most intense, and it's going to get a good workout..... and it does.  Her goal is to make me bleed, and she achieves it.  


Then to the bondage table, where she informs me that generic saran wrap is actually more effective than brand-name, and proceeds to use a few rolls of it on me, on every part of my body (except a few special places) and tightly around my face.  Those few special places then proceed to get special treatment with some highly intense clover clamps, a whole bucket of clothespins, and some evil mini-whips.   I remember a stocking-clad foot in my mouth at one point, and those gorgeous lips spitting on me a few times.   Lots of intense play, then saran is unwrapped, and my *** is completely abused, for quite awhile, before our session comes to an end.  

So I HAVE to come back a month later --

the second session...... 

The foot worship first, of course.  Then straight to the bondage table, she introduces her brand new rubber gas mask to me and has tons of fun with me in tight bondage, masked, and subject to lots of evil tortures with clamps, whips, etc.  The mask was really intense. Then to the St. Andrews Cross, tied tightly, and then...... (cue the really hardcore metal music), she finds a deep evil rhythm to her music, and with basically every whip in her arsenal, decorates me.  Culminating with the rubber whip.  


My vision of Ms. Lydia during this --- she's basically swaying in a hypnotic trance, with these eyes that look completely deranged and sexy drilling into me, whipping me to the beat.  She was so into it.  Her goal this time was to make me cry -- close, but no cigar.  Maybe next time!   But oh my God, it was completely intense.  The eyes, the music, the swaying hips, the sensation.  Holy cow.   Then some quality time on the sawhorse thingy, and a serious invasion of my ***, and back to the bondage table for more abuse, before another fabulous end to our second session.

Overall impressions -- Ms. Lydia is really into it, and has fun with you...  For our second session, I could tell that she'd really put thought into how things went the first time, and came with some serious new ideas in mind -- I can only imagine what's on tap for #3.  I first went to her because, unlike some dommes, I felt like I got a sense of her as a human being from her Tumblr site as well as postings on other sites like FL, and that she's a "whole" person.  (Ask her about her Vitamix).   But boy, is she into it -- whether it's rubber, flogging, ***play, or basic abuse from her (which she, on her website, etc, terms "consensual nonconsent"), she's a fun and demanding domme.   Two thumbs up, and there's a photo to prove all this abuse on her Tumblr site, just check out her March 21 posting.

PS -- Did I mention she'll abuse you twice as bad if you bring her some raw cacao.......   Have fun!"

-Slave Tom, Washington, DC (originally written to be posted on TER & MF)



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