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Re-booking Instructions

So you had a great time and want to be at my feet again. Wonderful! Here is how to go about doing that:

When requesting a second (or third, fourth or 60th session) with me, send an email with the City | Date(s) in the subject heading:


Example: "DC | July 6th or 13th"


I travel a lot to session in other cities so this helps keep my inbox organized and I will adore you for it. Getting 50 emails titled "Session" gets confusing!


Be sure to include:

1). The length of session you desire.

2). Your full range of availability (earliest start time and the time you must leave by; "10 AM - 3 PM", not "morning - afternoon"). My availability is updated regularly on the home page.

3). If your interests have expanded since our last session, you're looking to explore a new role play or if you have a gym injury or new health issue I need to be made aware of, let me know. If you have any questions for me or anything I need to know that is pertinent to your session, add that to your email as well. 


Condense all the information into one email. The more back and forth that happens, the harder it is to keep track of the information I need to book your session. Booking sessions isn't fun; it's the play time and servitude that is! Subs who make the booking process quick and painless are the ones I'm most eager to see. They are already making me happy from the start! Wouldn't you want me to save my energy to use on dominating you instead of writing more emails than necessary? ;-)

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