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Domestic Servitude



adjective: domestic

  1. relating to the running of a home or to family relations.

    "domestic chores"



noun: servitude

  1. the state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.

Have you longed to be my domestic servant? To be trained to be an asset to my life?  Craving a more immersive slavery experience? Finally, now there's a session option designed just for you! This option is also perfect training for both aspiring slaves and sissy maids hoping to attract the attention of a lifestyle (non-professional) Mistress.  For every lifestyle Mistress out there seeking a domestic servant, there are anywhere between dozens to hundreds of other men competing for the very position you want. Think those numbers are made up? Think again. If there were more skilled lifestyle Mistresses, I wouldn't have a job! Learn how to stand out from the rest in your online profiles and learn how to gain the skills that Mistresses seek.


Prepare to be stripped naked or put into a maid uniform and collared as you sweep, mop, organize, do chores and laundry, give foot rubs, and anything else I need done. Note for the sissies: the maid uniform is real (not satin or latex); real fabric for real cleaning. Satin and latex are fetish fabrics for fantasy play only, not servitude.


Once you have been instructed on how to perform a task, I may playfully peek in on you from time to time, but for the most part you must be able to execute tasks unsupervised. If you need to be kept company and "punished" during tasks, request a Power Exchange role play instead as this option is for real slavery only. If you misbehave, you will be punished by being sent home early. If you are well behaved, follow instructions , and execute your tasks well, you may be given a reward just before you leave. Your dedication and enthusiasm for delivering a job well done is what inspires me to reciprocate. The more you go the extra mile, the more I'm inspired to be generous. If a little treat isn't enough and you need a balance of servitude and play, not a problem. There's an option to add an hour or two of play upon completion of your tasks.

3 Hours of Servitude: $700

4 Hours of Servitude: $800

Add an hour of play after your servitude: $300+/hour

Overnight Experience: 3 hours of Servitude + 1-1/2 hours of Play + Sleeping in a Cage or Slave Quarters, 7 PM - 7 AM: $1400

*For sissy maids who wish to have their makeup fully done (more than just lipstick) before serving, add an extra $100.

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