Travel Notifications

Some slaves have been confused about my travel notification email list. Before signing up, read the following to clear any confusion:

*This notification list is best suited for locals of the cities I visit OR for those who travel to those cities often (on a weekly or monthly basis). I give rough estimates in my ads of when I'll be arriving in said city, then confirm exact dates about 4 - 6 weeks prior which is about when you can expect to receive an email from me. Sometimes I do last minute unexpected trips and there will only be a notice of a couple of weeks or sometimes even a couple of days.

*This is an email  notification list. In order to be notified, you need to use an email address that you check often (at least weekly). It's shocking how many slaves become upset that they missed an opportunity to serve me because they forgot to check their email. Also: be sure to add LydiaNotifications AT to your contact list to ensure that my email to you does not end up in your spam folder. Note that I do not receive emails at that email. It is an account used only to send travel notifications. Any emails sent there will receive an auto response directing you to use my SUPPLICATE form to book a session or to sign up for The only way to contact me is through my SUPPLICATE form to book a session or via anonymous texting or phone calls at

*A perfect solution for those who do not like to check emails regularly is to sign up for There is a one time $2 fee to send me a text (from a masked number): "Hello Ms. Lydia, please notify me of your future visits to [insert name of city here]." You may also add additional information in your text such as acceptable days of the week and hours you may receive texts (i.e. "Monday - Friday only between 9am - 5pm EST") or "Discreet texts only" to alert you to check your email (i.e. "This is Tom in accounting. Check your email ASAP regarding the invoices." Receiving texts from me (from a masked number) is at no cost to you and you are never under any obligation to respond.