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Ms. Lydia's 10 Year Dommiversary

September 7, 2018 | Philadelphia | 9:30 pm 

This September makes 10 years since I made the transition from lifestyle to professional domination and I'm going to celebrate in the city where it all started!


Have you dreamed of being my slave at a fetish party? Being stripped naked and collared right in front of a crowd and forced to serve and entertain me and my hot Mistress girlfriends? Be ravaged by me or a group of dommes with an audience watching? Be on display and beaten? Have your ass smacked as you fetch our drinks? Take our heels off and give us foot rubs? Be made to perform acts of depravity for us?

This event is perfect for masochists, bondage enthusiasts, service submissives, sissies and dirty filthy bi sluts who are eager to serve and entertain. While my Dommiversary will be celebrating all flavors of submission, only select slaves will be chosen. 

Tribute: $650 to play / $100 to be a voyeur 


If you have served me in the past, then you know how to contact me. If you are new to me, the only way to apply is to call me via Text first with your availability then I'll let you know when it's convenient for you to call. Why must you pay to call? Because being dominated at a kinky party by a group of hot Mistresses is a fantasy for a lot of men. Many like to talk about it with no intention to follow through. Also I must carefully screen you to ensure that you will be a good fit for my party and not embarrass me in front of 200 people.

Unable to make it? Visit my Wish List:

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