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Celebrating 15 Years for DC Fetish Ball & my 15 Year Pro-Dommiversary!

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

2023. What a wonderful year.

My buddy Rick AD who produces Washington area parties of the adult variety, including the decadent DC Fetish Ball, is celebrating its 15th event, and this September I'm celebrating my 15 years as a pro domme. What better way to officially celebrate than at the ball with a special offer for subs! Come see me on stage for the Pro Domme Walk or enjoy an opportunity for public play with me in the dungeon while supporting a great cause!

Tickets, info, and dress code:

Date: October 8, 2023

Time: 9 PM - 2 AM

Where: Ultra Bar, 911 F Street NW, Washington DC 20004

This event sells out every year. Don't snooze!

Wanna play?

For every $100 donation you make to HIPS DC, I'll use you as my plaything in the dungeon for 15 minutes of play. For many of you who have fantasized about being used by me and it hasn't been in your budget, here's your big chance!

Want to be put over my lap and spanked? Flogged and whipped? Be my human footstool? Be paraded around on a leash? Be my spittoon? Suck the filth off my heels? All while dozens of people are watching at any given time? This is the opportunity of a lifetime! Once the fashion show and Pro Domme Walk are over, we can go to the dungeon to make your exhibitionist fantasy happen!


1). Donate to HIPS. $100 for 15 minutes, $200 for 30, $300 for 45, or $400 for an hour.

2). Text me your receipt. (No, I don't give my personal number out. Could you imagine the volume of crazies I'd get harassing me?)

3). I'll tell you exactly where to meet me at the ball.

Not sure your scene can be done at DC Fetish Ball? Their website gives you a good idea of what's allowed and what's not, but you can always text me and ask. The club does NOT permit nudity.

Want to meet for dinner before the ball or be my slave for the duration? Packages start at $2000 for 5 hours (a portion will be donated to HIPS DC). Text me first to see if we're a match!

Can't make it to the ball but still want to express appreciation? Send me a gift via but I do hope to see you there!

Next year mark your calendars and stay tuned for the special plans I'll have in place for my Sweet 16 Dommiversary!

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