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"Happy 4 Years in DC" Dungeon Anniversary Special!

May 13 will be 4 years since opening my dungeon here in DC, and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate! Despite moving here with undiagnosed Lyme disease and dealing with the intense fatigue, I managed to get the main playroom play-able in 13 days while making my own place livable as well. (Luckily the Boiler Room came to me "pre-decorated" and luckily I eventually recovered from Lyme!) Then in March 2020, COVID brought a lot of uncertainty and I saw other dungeons close down. It crushed me having to put renovations for the rest of the space on hold for so long. But here I am in 2023 with the hallway completed (an ode to my old dungeon in Philly) thanks to Sissy Tess's hard work of ripping up tiles, sanding down "tar", and painting the concrete. And the much-awaited feminization room will have its unveiling very, very soon. After it's done, I'm going to need a financial break before I complete the medical room. "Did she say, 'medical room'??"👀 (Yes, yes she did.)

To celebrate my 4 years, all Beginner, Power Exchange, and Fetish Play sessions between May 11 - 18 that are 3 hours or more will be $100 off! Mention this offer when you book. Does not apply to session requests outside of the dungeon.

To express gratitude for the play space I provide, be a good boy or good girl and to send a gift for my dungeon or for my personal enjoyment.

latex catsuit

My first session on opening day (before I knew I wanted red walls). My movers couldn't fit my bondage table through

the door so until it could be carefully taken apart and reassembled, I'm glad I had this in the meantime! I painted and sealed

the floors then ultimately changed my mind on that too.

My throne on the moving truck!

The bondage table that had to be disassembled and reassembled.

Can you believe this is the same room? What a difference wall paint and new floors make!

By the way, if you want to paint your walls red, this took me 5 coats so expect a very sore arm.

The original boiler room. I need an updated photo with the new sexy rubber swing and new floors!

I made sure the inside of the cage was comfortable so when you spend the night in it, you don't wake up

with a sore back and can still serve me. Just ask Sissy Jessica.

Hallway before. Can you believe these were the walls and floors I had to deal with??

Hallway after.

Fun fact:

Being Hindu, I had a most fitting muhurta chosen for my opening day. A muhurta is a Hindu measurement of time. The belief is that when starting something new certain days and times will yield more success. Muhurtas are chosen for wedding dates, new construction, opening day for a business, and more. When you want something to succeed, you take all the luck you can get!

I'm close with the Pandit (priest) I consulted with; he knows exactly what type of business I do. He suggested a muhurta that was good for (I kid you not): "bondage (ensnaring) and other cruel deeds, waging war... wearing ornaments".

He joked, "Right up your alley!"

Knowing that I also adore crossdressers, regarding the part about "wearing ornaments", he commented, "it fits your niche for dressing up your clients."

What I didn't tell him is that I also love waging war... with my strapon. But maybe that's for another conversation.😉

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